Silly Ethics Question

The CFA Institute Standards of Practice Handbook requires CFA Institute members to do all the following EXCEPT: A) receive written permission from both their employer and outside clients to engage in investment consulting outside the firm. B) to inform employer, clients, and potential clients of benefits received for recommending products or services. C) to disclose in writing to the proper regulatory authority all observed violations of the securities laws and regulations. Your answer: C was correct! Members are not required to report violations of others to regulatory authorities, either verbally or in writing, but such reporting may be prudent. Now obviously C is correct, but I have to question A). Do you really need written permission from clients as well to engage in outside consulting services? So if you serve hundreds of clients, you’d need written permission from each one?

Looks like a stupid question. I did a double take and then realized it said “outside clients.” So if you already had a consulting/advising relationship in addition to your regular job, I’m guessing that you’d need permission from all of your employers, including the ones you consult for on a contract basis? Not sure if that’s an accurate reading, but it definitely shouldn’t apply to clients that you have under your primary employer.

I was gonna answer A until I read choice C, which seemed like the more obvious choice.