silly ticket question

My ticket printed out on 2 pages. The only thing on the second page says “ticket at any time” as in the last half of “do not write on your ticket”. Should I: a) try to reprint it as one page b) take both pages c) toss the second page d) other idea I know it’s silly but I know how strict they are on these things.

mine did the same thing. i stapled it.

reprint it amber, see if that helps? haha I also like how you posted your question with multiple choice answers!

i reprinted mine when that happened…and about 6 times haha - so unnecessary - god im paranoid!

Thanks everyone. I have 6 copies too.

little does cfai know that i’ve spent the last 6 months learning how to read reflections off other people’s papers using the staple on my ticket instead of studying. muahahahah

LOL cfa.

we are not allowed to write on the ticket but i assume we can fold it? what if i spill coffee on it last minute…?! ok you can all see exam stress is getting to me…

Then print another one?

e) report this issue to CFA institute in writing, and obtain consent before proceeding with writing the exam to comply with Standard I(A): Professionalism =D I think I’ve read too much Ethics.

I would think its f) violation of VII (A) Conduct as Members and Candidates in the CFA Program, by ’ Not following rules and policies of the CFA program", No Coffee stains!

guys, I just called the them and they said just tell the guy it printed like that. He didn’t convince me. If I can get it on one page, im gonna do it. man im paranoid.


mine printed off on one page no problem - just adjust the margins on your printer

reg Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > mine printed off on one page no problem - just > adjust the margins on your printer same here, only one page without any adjustments though!