Silver $SLV running. Are you buying?

Silver is trading at $22.50 from $10.81 in March. It has momentum and many analysts are saying it has more room to grow. should one get in now, or wait for a small correction before it takes off to all time highs?

Famous last quote.

SLV - I’m aware that in any minute silver could have a correction. But it’s all over the news and has popped from $18 to $23.50 in 5 days. Looking at historical prices, silver and gold seem to skyrocket after massive stimulus.

So you’re a silver and gold bear?

Momentum tells you exactly one thing for certain: “Look at what you missed!”

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Don’t most hedge funds trade momentum strategies?

Some probably do.

I doubt that most do.

Why do you ask?

Seems that people don’t like momentum based strategies in this forum (I could be wrong). But having read books by hedge fund managers and other investment books, they swear by it. Never go against market trends and always buy when a stock picks up speed.

I know this must sound contradictory to value based investing. Maybe marrying both styles one can get more alpha.

That’s why they are hedge funds. They need to inflate price. For me it’ looks more like a pump and dump. Right, this is a good investment - to short!

say you bought silver. what are you going to do with it? wait until the price goes up and then sell right? what’ll you do if it doesnt go up?

Don’t buy it.

(Courtesy of Will Rogers)