Similar Topics between Level 1 and 2

Hey Guys,

Could anyone tell me about the topics that are similar between Level 1 and 2 ? ( Ethics, Quants etc)

Thank You.


That’s about it.


I don’t know. There seemed to be a fair amount of overlap. A lot of it is the same stuff, but it goes into a lot more depth. But don’t expect to pass L2 based solely on having done well in the same topic at L1.

It seems most of the L2 topics were first introduced at L1 at a very superficial level. So it’s pretty much the same material just a MUCH greater depth, like bchadwich said.

I think its a kind of “learning from previuos experience” process ; i mean L1 is initial stage in which we clear our basic concepts… & L2 as i heard is tough comparitively …however subjects are the same…