Simple Answers: Schweser vs. Stalla vs. CFAI

I know similar threads have been posted, but I want the answers to be short and sweet as I feel this will be most effective for candidates. Here are the response options: A) Status (current candidate, passed lvl 3, etc.) B) Strategy used or will use: 1) Schweser Only 2) Stalla Only 3) CFAI Only 4) Combo No additional comments needed, just taking a poll. Cheers!

Candidate CFAI only

CFA charterholder CFAI only – only additional items used were the paid CFAI samples and mocks and the mock exam put on by my local society (It was the same BSAS test that I think most local societies use).

Passed L3 4) Combo - 75% CFAI, 25% Schweser

CFA Charterholder in 2009 Combo : 95% schweser ; 5% CFAI (Selected EOC qns & Ethics portion)

100% CFAI Passed L3 2009

Passed L3 Schweser only - for all 3 exams

CFA Charterholder 2009 Combo: 40% CFAI (read material & EOC questions are a must) and 40% Schweser (notes, Qbank, exam books, 10% old CFA morning exams 2000-2008

Passed. only CFAI

Passed L3 2009 COMBO: Readings: 3*100% Schweser (except ethics) + 3*CFAI Ethics Exercices: Everything available except q-bank and book7 NB! I actually failed ethics, so Schweser worked best for me!!!

Same as Merv CFA Charterholder in 2009 Combo : 95% schweser ; 5% CFAI (Selected EOC qns & Ethics portion)

I wish Schweser had a hot Asian woman on the cover for levle 3 like they did for level 2.

passed L3… ACTUAL READING OF MATERIAL: 90%+ schweser (too much in hindsight even though i passed. could have got higher “grade” with same effort) and i did the CFAI EOC. probably the best thing of everything i did, at least for some many subjects. need to figure out how to do tons of CFAI reading, tons of schweser, CFAI EOC and schweser questions and practice mock exams. think you need to read CFAI once and make very good notes. or read schweser quickly a couple of times and then dive into CFAI and pick out what’s different… some of it has to do with terribly worded LOS too (basically, why have them if they’re wrong)

Passed L3 95% Schweser + 1/3EOCQ + old exams/mocks/samples (L1 and L2 - exclusively Schweser, and would have done the same, if this phorum hadn’t frightened me:)

Passed L3 2009 2) Stalla Only

passed L3 in 2009 Schweser Notes only for L1,2 Schweser Notes + past exam essay questions from CFAI for L3

Passed all 3 levels using only CFAI. Best preparation is to do all CFAI questions you can get a hold of. NC