Simple Equity - Not getting - Pg 446 -- % Surprise

Looking at example 38 and trying to figure out how they got %surprise. I’m not sure why I’m wrong on this.

What I’m using is %SUprise = Unexpectred earnings / E(EPSt)

For the first row in the table of Exxon Mobile — they have %Surprise = 0.88%

I get —> %surprise = (1.79 - 1.77) / 1.77 = 1.29%

Where am I going wrong with this?

Makes no sense…


I don’t have hardcopy – what reading is this?

Price Multiples — Reading 35.

I cant believe I’m getting it wrong and it’s just annoying me now…somebody please…HELP.

Thanks in advance.

The book is wrong. All of those percentages are messed up, don’t worry about it