Simple questions regarding mock-schweser-topic test difficult....and the MPS

for those who have taken the level 2 exam before, tell the the relative difficulty of:

the schweser mocks…vs…the CFAI mock…vs…the CFAI topic tests…vs…the real thing june 4th.

I just took my first schweser mock and got a 60. To be honest, Im not that bummed about it given i have three weeks left and the entire week off from work the week of the exam. Should I not be this confident with my 60?

also…what if I never break the 70 barrier? What do you guys suppose the MPS is year to year? My friend passed the exam last year but he sent me a screenshot of his rubric and it was not a great rubric (only above 70 in ethics and Equity, below 50 in quant and econ, 50-70 in evertthing else.

Yet he assures me that he “passed with room to spare” and thinks the MPS is around 63. he said his highest score on a schweser mock was 68

If it truly is 63…thats gotta make me feel pretty good. Am i wrong?

I’m scraping 70s but averaging mid 60s, can’t say I’m feeling good doing that regardless of the MPS.

For me constant 73+ would be needed prior to the exam.

what has your experience been regarding the difficulty of the CFAI topic tests vs the schweser mocks?

I find the schweser mocks to be a ton easier. this worries me.

I find Schweser you can get marks by not knowing the underlying material well (e.g. by elimination of obvious wrong answers). You can also lose more marks in Schweser because of the one word tricks or poor wording.

Overall, I can’t say Schweser has been easier, but my mock scored across Schweser and CFAI have been the same (mid-high 60s).

Definitely putting a higher weighting onf the CFAI official mock though.

I think you are overreacting here. If CFA L2 material were that kind of obvious, then my grandpa would become charterholder the next month. Schwerser pratice tests has good writting too, however found a lot of “exotic”, tricky questions that make you lose time. But they are good for studying, make you to revise the material or that formula you thought you already knew “well”.

im not talking about the CFAI mock, Im talking about the CFAI topic tests…which I am finding to be singnificanlty more challenging than Schweser.

I guess I am alone in thinking this?

No, you are not. CFAI topic tests are harder, but not significantly harder.

I remember that L1 exam was much fair in difficulty and time consumption than the CFAI mock and self-assesments. As other L2 passed candidates say, the story is the same for L2 exam. I hope indecision

Got owned by FRA in the CFAI mock. I’m screwed.

I got Ethics, Econ and AI above 70, Quant below 50, everything else between 50-70. Don’t think I passed.