Simulated Exams/Progress Tests

So I am using Stalla and decided that after going through all of the books, lectures, and practice problems I would review through the Progress Tests. I realize that these questions are simply the same ones in the rest of the software, however from my experience they seem to be more theory based as opposed to rigourous calculations. I was curious if anyone could perhaps give a little insight into whether these are truly indicative of what one might see on the test, or if they should be just simply used to identify problem areas. I would like to rely on these exams, but want to make sure that I am reviewing any key formulas that are not seeming to pop up on these tests.

If anyone has any thoughts about these tests or any other helpful hints for the final review it would be appreciated.


I would recommend making sure that you are, first and foremost, comfortable with the theory; and, when you are comfortable with the theory, the calculations will be put into context - even if you may not remember a certain calculation, knowing the general theory can help you to make an educated guess or at least eliminate non-sensical answers when taking the exam.

I don’t think you can word this any better. To true.

go google old CFAI mock exams- those are going to give you ur best idea how of much u know…

I don’t think there are many non-sensible answers in the exam.

Agreed, understand the theory and the context will put in place the variables within the formula.