Since now is the time for solving questions... so what is most important and representative?


Kindly help me in understanding what is most important (On the basis of priority and importance… …)

  1. schweser volume one and volume two?

  2. schweser EOC

  3. CFAI actual essay ques

  4. CFAI mock exams

  5. CFAI study material EOC

  6. Schweser CD/question bank


from highest priority to lowest:


4, 3 equally important


2,6 equally not important

ne more suggestions?


seriously, just pound 3 and 5,

do 4 for practice but not as critical

I won’t miss bluebox examples.

Print and solve some of EOC questions if I have been wrong for up to 3 out of 6.

I’ve found Schweser practive exams helpful, but they are definitely second to anything from CFAI (mocks, sample questions…etc).