Since obtaining the charter in 2010...


I must say that it brings back memories posting to this site again. I spent literally hundreds of hours on this site. More to answer tough issues or just vent. I am a part of one of the biggest active CFA societies and attend luncheons weekly in season. They also have some pretty sweet social events. I will likely aim for treasurer of the society and get more involved. I did not receive any direct promotion or bonus for the charter but it does help keep bosses off my back.

All said and done obtaining the charter was the hardest and most rewarding mental feat I have accomplished. I also started up in my spare time so review and let me know your thoughts.

I feel like an alumni if this board lol. Cheers and best of luck studying. Sorry for grammar I’m mobile

We need more posts like this around here. So many people like to talk about how the charter hasn’t helped them get any jobs/didn’t get them ahead/etc it can be pretty discouraging, good to be reminded of the sense of accomplishment it can bring!


Remember,there is a reason for why these kind of posts are rare.

I think the end result that is always arrived at is that the Charter is not the answer to anything. It only supplements you as an individual. What you do is the Earth. The Charter should be considered a moon if that analogy makes any sense.

I will say that my friend who I studied with for years and also obtained the Charter was one out of hundreds of advisors to make the jump to the back office where the fun discretionary money management division is. I too could likely jump back there but it involves a pay cut and move from a city we love for now. I will say the Charter played a huge role in him gettin the associate PM position. In the interview, the VP himself said that the CFA itself means little in the large scheme of skills, but it is like a secret handshake. 100% of the Portfolio Managers and associate portfolio managers at my company have the Charter. This includes the managers of all of our multi billions dollar funds.

In the finance industry its easy to lie and say you managed billions of dollars or were a portfolio manager at a company. Also a VP at one company is like an associate or advisor at another company. The Charter is the great equalizer if you want to stand out and dont have the Ivy League or Top Ten MBA. Just my two cents.

Nice site, SkipE99. Thanks for sharing.

Whoa - I saw OP and I thought I was having a flashback. I was expecting responses from Sponge Bob, Pink and Zim. Thanks for posting SkipE99, it was nice to go back and remember, but I would rather be where I am now.

Kind of strange that you “see” people often and then they are mostly gone after clearing L3. I would like to say I will continue to stick around. I have been here long enough, I guess unfortunatley.

I was hoping at least one person from the old school would post. Nice to hear from you goestoeleven! Nice to see you got the Charter. Hope things are well.

We’re still here mang!

Stop looking at me swan!!!

Nice to see you jigga! Hope you are doing well.