since the exam..

I have been sucessful at channeling the obsessiveness I put into studying for the exam into other things, like surfing the net, watching tv- in short I am restless, and miss the structure and discipline of studying. maybe i secretly hope i fail. anyone else going through the same thing?

negative…I definitely don’t secretly hope I failed. 4 years of this crap is enough. I have enough structure in having to go to work.

yeah. there is no part of me that hopes to have to retake this test.

sorry i wasn’t clear, the part about wanting to fail was a joke. Of course I don’t. I meant the restlessness. I have lots of structure with work during the week, but when I’m not with my kid or exercising I get restless.

it’s definitely time for you to give golf a shot, l3beatit. :slight_smile: but seriously, i hear what you are saying. there is a LOT more free time…

I combat the restlessness starting with 2 hours of Family Guy each Monday and Tuesday night on TBS

cfasf1 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > it’s definitely time for you to give golf a shot, I would agree. I started trying my hand at golf right after the test and have been trying to attack it pretty consistently…and just like the CFA, you can never practice enough golf. How are the lessons going cfasf1?

hey wandering. i’ve only had one lesson so far and have got another one coming tomorrow. it’s going to take a while as i’m learning everything over from scratch. i like the instructor so as long as i can pass this thing on august 18th, i like my chances of improving my game going forward.

Already dropped 10 lbs now that workout time has replaced study time and reconnecting with old friends on Facebook.

i’ve been working on a lot of home projects to pass the time…new windows, room treatment, etc. been a good time suck and august going to be very busy on the homefront as a result.

Ditto. Starting getting into a running routine. About to start grad school soon. Bored as heck but I prefer it to the alternative.

I worked my way into a position in my group that doesn’t require the charter. More money now, less workload and less stress for sure, for sure less $$ in the long term if I don’t pass, holding my breath that I squeezed by this exam after reading posts where people think they are 50/60 on the afternoon session. If I don’t pass I am taking at least a year off from the grind that has been the last 4 years and I might be done for good. Life is short and I have missed out on a bunch of my 4 year olds early years because of these exams On a recreational note, my golf game has never been better…so I’ve got that going for me…which is nice :slight_smile:

I go to the gym and I’m learning Japanese (and hopefully piano). All’s good in the hood. I really hope I pass so I don’t ever have to do this kind of studying again…