Singapore - First salary for 0 exp. + L3 exam passed

Hi my dear friends in Singapore.

I’m a foreigner in mid-30s residing in Singapore since 2015. My 6 yrs of career has nothing to do with finance. 3 yrs in commodity trading and another 3 in advertising.

But I recently managed to pass CFA Level 3 exam and am searching for an equity analyst job here.

By the way, I don’t really have an idea on how much I should ask for as the first salary for that role.

I know having passed exams only without CFA designation won’t automatically bring me higher salary, so I would want an entry level remuneration.
Please share your opinion on what the reasonable first salary level for a fresh graduate with L3 passed for equity analyst role in SG will be.

Thank you!

All I can tell you is that in the US, you probably wouldnt get paid any more than someone who didn’t have the 3 levels passed

Hi birdman, thank you for spending time to leave a reply on my posting. I’m fully aware of it, but have no idea on entry level salary here because I have no acquaintance in this industry. Have a nice day ahead anyway!

Thank you so much for sharing the page! Wish I could make that amount, S$180k, very soon!