Singapore test address

Hi Guys, I am an Indian L3 candidate. Due to the CFA fiasco in India, i wont be able to give my exams in India. I am registered for Singapore. Could anybody help me with the usual test venue in Sg? i wanted this so that I can make appropriate staying arrangements. Thanks neways.

Hey cfadude, I just shot out a mail to cfa institute to provide us the test venues for all nearby locations in order to help all the candidates in a similar situation. I am hopeful that they would respond. It would help if you could also do the same as that would enable them to gauge the candidates interest. Thanks.

Yeah I think that would make sense. But probably Singaporeans or people who appeared there last year could be of help. btw, where are you flying? … I m from Mumbai, what about u?

I am currently registered in Singapore (not too sure though planning a southasia trip around L3 so may be in KL or Bangkok) Mumbai too.

Same here ya … actually even i m planning a trip in SE Asia … lets see frm Sg to KL … i guess u can move to KL in 2 hrs frm there … We are a group of 3 … wat about u?

For Singapore, it has always been at the singapore expo for the past years… It’s located in the eastern part of the island, quite near to the changi airport… Hope this helps…

Hey thanks merv … That was definitely helpful … @arakhanna … we can share some info on the venue, flying, accomodation etc. (if u r flyin to Sg that is) my mail id is