Singapore to host CFA Institute meet in 2013

CFA Singapore with rich history as the first CFA Institute member society outside of North America in 1987 is honored to host the event. Currently, Singapore has 2,200 CFA charterholders and is ranked fifth in the world for new CFA candidates growth. The article appeared on Business Times on Sep 26, 2007. Anyone from Singapore?

I am taking LI in December, looking out for some hookup sessions (Tackling Qbank questions, etc),. I can be reached at: Cheers.

I’m from Singapore too taking the dec paper. How are you guys doing for the revision? I’ve yet to practise qns…Still trying to finish up the readings.

i from SG also taking lvl 2 next year(2008) june, to build up some network base here :slight_smile:

too many singaporeans people who are just doing the charter because their colleague is reality is a lot of them won’t qualify for the work experience part of it… And a lot give up after L1 and L2

yes… i felt the pain also even i passed lvl 1 already, simply too much competition from those who are non-experienced in sg, i know some that passed lvl 2 then only got job opportunities.