Time to swipe right on nerdy girl

nerdy sista thirstay too…

Bummer, dude!! :broken_heart:

Go spoil yourself with something fun/nice!

I have about fifty matches in LA, 19-24yr olds - maybe I have seen her…

LA chicks are hot

SoCal and NYC is where it’s at…

I still have not done it. It’s kind of hard cuz they want to connect on fb

ace add vegas & miami to the list

Fuck dude I hear Miami is the shit! Like tons of bikinis everywhere. Like more lit than Los Angeles! I have never been. I want to see some sleuths.

Do the hot chicks live in Miami or just visit like in vegas? But yea vegas has top chicks but you find out the following week they are from 2k miles away or something like that.

SOOOO DOWN for a miami trip. And that might be the first purchase I make with my new platinum amex card. IDK why, but, one of the drunk things I did last night was sign up for a platinum card. Which means, people will know I’m hot sht when I’m swiping $2.00 PBR’s at the bar tomorrow.


I like humbled CEO10K-DAY…he’s funny.

free dance for him KMD?

ah shizzle dude. Dnt worry man, things get better…they always do. Stay strong, be a hero… discover urself again as a new man.

Youll be cool.