My gf left me tonight. Feeling pretty rough bros.

dude. sorry to hear that. there are plenty of fish in the sea.

take some time and hang out with your boys and hit up the bars.

enjoy the single life!!!

bro i wish i was single. sometimes i look at my girl and im just like how the fuck are you still here. find solace in work and chasing tail.

you know what its time for!!! Image result for shots shot shots gif

bro, you’re a level II candidate. You’re a few short months away from getting the letters and at that point you’ll be looking to trade up anyway, so she did you a favor of not having to deal with cutting her loose. Now you can concentrate on dominating your job and the letters. Huge opportunity.

Concentrate on yourself. take some time to do things you enjoy that you didnt have time to do when you had a gf. throw yourself out there, join a sports league or something. just have some fun!

Maybe you shouldna taken pics and thrown them up on Adult Friend Finder for everybody to see.

Nvmd. I’m thinking of Nerdy.

Sorry to hear that, tough times don’t last, tough people do.

my sister just broke up with her 5 year bf while i was in aspen. i heard she locked herself in her room. she is kinda sad. i dunno if i should invite her to my come back celebration party, she kinda crazy partier. i invited sum of my rich buddies though so it would be good idea!

Sorry to hear about your sister… you should tell her to join AF, lots and lots of single dudes on here I bet.

Just so we’re clear, you’re talking about getting your sister laid with a coked up bro with his shirt only buttoned up halfway?

I think he invited some fat unemployed guy whose parents own porn shops to bang his sister.

^great new theme/story line, will send to hersch asap

Thanks Guys. Y’all ain’t half bad. That being said, I regret following the nerdy model and allowing her to use tinder for comparison reasons. Monkey see - Monkey do.

But tonight, I’m planning on going out and maybe a 50% chance I end up in the drunk tank.

which city do you live in?

^ excellent idea - drunk tank is fine for something stupid like disorderly. dont take any xannys and end up in real prison with a felony or something tho

Leave work now. Get a rub and tug to relax. Start drinking. Buy an Xbox. Play Fortnite with me.

That’s why she left me isn’t it… It’s because I don’t play fortnite.

Someone somewhere out there needs to be told my dad owns a dealership tonight…

L.A. bitches always askin’, “Where the coke at?” (21, 21)

they thirst bruh

This could have been completely avoided if you’d bought bitcoin in 2014.