SIP credential? Has anyone ever taken a course...

I was browsing online and came across eCourses on and was considering taking a course or two because these are the only courses I’ve been able to find that seem to cover corporate actions and trust operations in detail, but I could not find ANY reviews on google. Does anyone if these are good courses or not. Also I saw that they offer credit through for like $844/ credit hour vs. $350 per course non-credit I am a student who is new to this business and the corporate actions make my head spin. Opinions experience anyone. -Thanks, Adrian

I take this as a no?

The fact that few people have heard of it, reviewed it, or know what the requirements are to attain it, illustrates what value it has… That’s not to say it’s not a great educational endeavor, but it’s probably not worth it if you want your resume to stand out. If your interested in learning about Corp. Finance, check out Wall St. Prep. Though I’ve not taken any classes, I’ve heard that they are great and explain a lot of the esoteric language and strategies utilized in finance.