Sitting for level 2 after 12 years of passing Level 1

Hi everyone,

I sat for level 1 in June 2010, yes you heard that right. Didn’t study for level 2 and have been regretting it ever since.

I am thinking to sit for level 2 in 2023 however I am rusty and not sure if I have to study Level 1 again.

Any advice?


I think the answer depends on what you’ve been doing professionally since then. Which industry have you been working in for the last 12 years?

Ive been working as an FP&A in the pharma and consumer goods industry at multinational companies, so basically corporate finance. But I want to continue the CFA as I’ve always wanted to have it and it will definitely push my career as I don’t want to study an accounting certification such as CPA/CA…

With that background, I think you will be fine going right into Level II since it is heavy on valuation. You can always brush up on some of the Level I topics you run across.

Thanks Chad for the quick feedback! One thing: back in 2010, schweser was the go to prep material. Is it still the case?

Make a mix and match between Schwesers and the CFAI - That’s what I did although I was mostly into the CFAI curriculum books and at Level III it was 100% CFAI Curriculum.

There are quite a few quality providers e.g. Nathan Ronen, Arif Irfanullah and our own Bill Campbell. Of what I know all of them are legend and in the same league

So you studied entirely alone?


Make sure you know how to use all the functionality of your chosen calculator!! :+1: :nerd_face:

Best of luck, Nic! I admire your determination.

We are in same boat. You are not alone. I cleared L1 in 2014 and now writing L2 in Nov. 23
I did a quick run through with MM L1 videos (2018 stuff). Try using his videos, they are free and available on YT channel or his website.

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