Sitting is cramping my style

I figure after the “No Fap” thread, nothing is off limits. Does anyone else have the problem of when you are sitting all day at work that your pants start cutting into your junk and it is so unbearable you can’t even concentrate on anything other than the fact that the circulation is being cut off to your balls and by the end of the day you feel like you have been kicked there by an NFL place kicker? I feel like everytime I move I am having to adjust my junk. What do you do to alleviate this?

My junk is apparently not as big as yours. Sorry.

I go to the bathroom and adjust. I take advantage of this time and poop as well.

I don’t really have this issue. But I also stand up and move around alot. Maybe avoid hipster pants? Get some nice undies?

Stop wearing tight pants. Especially hate it when fat women wear tight jeans. They look like spin tops.

Wear a kilt.

What spun said. Maybe you just need to cut some weight? Visit my power of oneness thread.

I… honestly cannot say that crushing my genitals has been a problem while sitting. Perhaps your pants are too tight or you need a more ergonomic chair. Or perhaps you have a rare mutation that causes your balls to be located far back in your crotch area.

I have the problem where the underside of my p3n!s gets itchy and I cant scatch it through my pants bc it’s pressed against my b@lls. So I just slide in way under my desk, unzip my pants, lift my d!ck up, and scratch. Happens maybe 3-4 times a day.

Nice!! Very classy

Just stand up every so often and wear boxers instead of briefs.

Hahahah, that is hilarious. I do that to adjust. It is not a matter of being overweight. I am 6’2’’ 190 lbs in good shape. I think I just get sick is sitting all day and my pants start riding up on me. I also hate when my balls stick to my legs and I am at work and need to adjust.

Would your employer allow for a standing desk?

i really think you need to review your trouser/ underwear set up because something is clearly not right.

alternatively, and as magiscian said, go for a kilt.

I get where you’re coming from with the balls sticking to your legs thing though. a kilt won’t fix that.

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Yep, your story checks out.

I wear briefs, and I wear them a size small. I like my junk held close to me, so I don’t have this ball-sticking problem, and they don’t fall down where I can sit on them.

It’s probably 100% mental, but I feel like when the jewels are held close, they’re a little better protected against these kinds of mishaps.

Is it not the case that holding them close makes them overheat and less efficient at their sole purpose?

That’s the reason they ended up being ‘al fresco’ in the 1st place

…unlike Drago’s…

Yes. I was about to say that. Testicles hang out of your body for heat management reasons. By holding the balls to your body, you increase their temperature, along with the risk of sperm abnormalities.

The more you know!

^I’ve got one kid and another on the way. I’m not worried about it.

And next year, I’m getting snipped so we don’t have an “oops” baby down the road, so it will be solely an academic argument at that point.