Skewness ba11 calculator

Hi all, just a quick question. Can the Ba11 calculator calculate skew ness automatically or does it only support the standard deviation. Do I need to calculate skew ness by hand after calculating standard deviation?

seems a bit of a pain to have to manually calculate skewness

This calculator is limited for exam purposes, so in real life when you have 500 observations you should use a statistical software package.

I have revised my calculator, and even the BAII plus professional user guide and it has no automatic skewness calculation :frowning:

It is very very unlikely that you’ll be asked to calculate skewness in the exam. Concentrate to understand the underlying concept behind it and the implications of skewed distributions. Do not bother with the calculation or with memorizing the formula.

Regards, Oscar


This will save space on my memory smiley

It’s less than very unlikely that you’ll have to compute skewness: you won’t.

You are not responsible for knowing the skewness formula. You only have to be able to interpret skewness.

I wrote an article on skewness that may be of some guidance here: