Skinny ties

What is your take on skinny neck ties? It seems like most of the people wearing them are younger guys, at least in my office. Do I go for them or just stick to standard width ties? I notice you can’t get the nice dimple just under the knot with skinny ties like you can with standard or especially the massive Merril Hoge ties.

Depend on the suit. Tie width at the widest point should match suit lapel width at its widest point.

This. Generally, I dislike skinny ties and will try to avoid suits that require me to wear skinny ties.

Being a part of the 42"+ club, I too dislike skinny ties. Just doesn’t work for my frame.

i’m a fan of skinny ties - which goes totally against the width theory

What is your opinion on knit ties like this? Is this fashionable, or is the assumption when you wear this that your Connecticut family must be so rich that you don’t care what people think of your tie?

knit ties are not in anymore same with skinny ties

I think knit/sock ties are suitable for casual events where you dress up a little bit, but everyone else is not wearing a tie.

I don’t have any.

If you’re wearing one, probably a 50/50 chance you like guys too…

Some guys can pull off skinny ties.

David Bowie came out as gay in 1972, then as bisexual in 1976

I have a solid blue brooks brother’s slim tie that i get compliments on all the time.

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Yeah knit ties were in 10 years back. I pulled a lot of ass with knit ties

Good to hear. How many guys did you pull?

lol ace with the low blow

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The appropriateness of skinny ties is less correlated to the width of the suit lapel than it is to the width of the suit owner’s midsection, in my view.

Yes, I agree. Inversely correlated to midsection.

Actually, the frequency with which one wears a tie is generally inversely correlated with one’s success. Exhibit A: Mark Zuckerberg

Exhibit B: Mark Cuban