skip mba and go straight to phd after cfa

what say ye gents? is this ridiculous to even consider??? a buddy of mine says not all phd programs make you have your mba. i dont know a thing about it and am still a couple years away from finishing cfa, but was just curious

not at all. From what I understand NO phd program would require you to have an MBA

Just take a look at some schools website. It lays out the criteria for admission into the Phd program.

the two degrees are quite different. the mba prepares individuals to work as a manager, while the Phd prepares individuals for academic research. neither of the degrees really limits you to corporate or academia. i had a few professors who didn’t have mbas but were higher-up consultants at major corporations, while a few field service professors who didn’t have Phds but were teachers of entry-level courses or emba classes. find out if you want publish a lot of material for a long time or work 70 hr weeks. my sister is a PhD student in radiological engineering. she is currently writing her thesis and has been for almost a year. the sad thing is, most of her published work is derivative, which doesn’t bode well in academia. once she finishes it, she will have to keep publishing for the next ten years or so before she can get tenure track professor job. otherwise, she is going into consulting.