Skip the book and only look at Curriculum in SchweserPro??

I just started my studying for level 1(Dec 5), I’m thinking if it’d be enough if i skip the Schweser notes(the books) altogether and just read the Curriculum in ScheweserPro software, then do all the question in Qbank(will try)? I will reference to the books when i need clarification, but i’m wondering if only relying on the software and not reading the book will make me miss out on a lot of the things? any comments/suggestions welcomed, thanks

No, No and No ! The online curriculum read can supplement Schweser books to get an overview of reading NOT substitute.

so the online curriculum is far from enough? I thought it covers all the LOS…

Are you serious about appearing for CFA L1.You don’t know about the volume of material.It is more a concept check exam than a practise based exam like GMAT.If you know the stuff have given 3 4 practise test and practised some 500 problems.You would clear.However if you don’t know the material and practise 4000 problems.You won’t remember quater of it , won’t help much.

sounds like a good idea to me. (shut up guys, he’ll help the curve)

I don’t recommend doing it. It’s tempting, but get into it another layer - the test won’t be that simple.

I think you should just read this forum to study for LI. That’s all I did and I passed.