Skipped entire question in AM

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This question is for the passers last year who may have skipped an entire question.

I skipped an entire AM question by mistake like an idiot. So if AM session is 9~11 questions, it would be about ~5% docked from this ridiculous mistake, so my MPS would begin from 95%. Is it still possible to pass?

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No, it’s not possible to pass with a 95%.

haha you know thats not what i meant – ive not been able to find a single thread on anyoen who skipped an AM question (entire question, not subquestion) and still pull it off

I know I’m just teasing. But think about this logically. Do people get questions wrong on the exam and still pass? Look at it as you wrote something down and got 0 credit for it.

You can still pass, easily in fact.

it just sucks because i noticed 30 seconds before time was up that I skipped it. and while skimming, i noticed it was the easiest AM session

If it makes you feel any better, I’m in a similar situation. This year, I completely left out 1 full question.

Last year, I left out 2 full questions and a sub-part. Ended up with a Band 6 fail.

nash, may i see your band 6 matrix ?

How many questions in the AM?? 10???

Possible. Last year, I left a few sub-questions blank (total around 10 points) and wrote some BS answer for another 10 because I was rushed for time. Aced PM and passed though I think just barely

I recall the tips for the exam from a grader: Better to answer what you know and will be graded rather than answer everything and do not receive points cause it’s wrong… In this context I left out 3 parts because of time constraint.However I took the time to calculate some other twice to make sure I am not wrong…

I won’t disclose my band 5 fail matrix but in the AM section I failed 9 out of 11 questions including the two questions that I didn’t write anything for.

By the way, I came across a thread from last year’s level 3 forum where a member recorded a band 10 fail and he/she scored <50% in 8 AM questions which I found pretty surprising.

nash can i see that? send me link!


My breakdown from last year.


By far not a pretty break down but made it through. I haven’t posted much on here but have read alot of the discussions throughout the year to help myself prepare for the exam.

Looks like in the morning I either knew it or didn’t. One of those less than 50%, I know I probably got 1 mark at best with an answer of simply putting “Yes” when I was short for time.


Q# <=50%

1 2 3 4 5 9

Q# >70%

6 7 8 10 and 11


<=50% Portfolio Management


Econ, Equity Investments, Ethics, Portfolio management individual, Portfolio management risk management


Fixed income, portfolio management - monitor and rebalance.

You scored higher than 18% of all Level III results in our database

  • Your 40/60/80 score is: 59.9%
  • Your minimum score is: 45.6%
  • Your maximum score is: 71.9%"

comment 322 on that thread is my breakdown

no way - i don’t believe that matrix for a second.

40/60/80 is profoundly flawed for MCQs…

For 6 questions, its either

  1. 1/2/3 33.33% average

  2. 4 66.66%

  3. 5/6 90% average

Assuming 1 and 2 offset each other, third option is atleast 10% underweighted. For 5 casse studies of over 70+, thats 4.167%…60% or 64.167%, huge difference!

The 300hrs calculater considers the increments for L2/3. Might just be min/max scores but they do consider it.


I’ve seen a thread on here somewhere that said they skipped two full questions in AM and still passed.

I think however, it really depends which question. Some questions had fewer parts and less minutes which is probably indicative of the scoring. If you skipped a small question … probably no big deal. But if you skipped one of the big ones, that might be a problem.