Skipping the exam and unforeseen circumstances

Hi all

My daughter has a hospital appointment this Saturday, nobody else can take her and therefore i am afraid that i most probably will not be able to sit the upcoming CFA level 1 test. Naturally, having spent the last 4 months revising, i am quite annoyed about this situation but i am even more worried about any potential future consequences. I graduated last summer, spent the past six months volunteering, started a family and am hoping to apply for MSc Finance programmes this autumn. I had intended the CFA level 1 to highlight my passion and enthusiasm for finance but am now worried that universities (and potential future employers) might be able to see that i skipped the test.

Any and all advice on how i can avoid this situation much welcome

How old is your daughter? And how bad is the emergency are the only questions. If you skip the test no one will know. I don’t even know how future employees or universities would know… Furthermore, your standardized testing scores and under grad grades matter way more than the CFA 1 will to Universities. You are not a Charter Holder so I don’t think one level is going to do much to boost your application.

I believe that any decent employer (or any uni admission team) won’t judge you by not attending CFA L1 Test. And I concur with Ghettoe that CFA L1 in your resume is just a tiny little decoration in your garden (things will be different if you’re a charterholder).

Don’t worry that much, and I hope your daughter will recover as soon as possible.

I think i may have dramatically misstated the nature of this appointment…it is not an emergency, life-threatening situation but more of a “the only date within the next 2-3 weeks that the GP can fit her in is Saturday 23rd”.

She is just over 9 months old and has been sneezing quite a lot recently. Thought i’d check it out just in case.

Thanks for the advice.

Thanks for your reply and as i said to Ghettoe, it is more of a checkup that simply has to be this Saturday rather than any major problem. I’ll edit out the word ‘emergency’. Think that was a tad too dramatic…

That’s a tough situation best of luck. Maybe if you have a family friend that is a doctor you can phone them for general advice and to gauge consequences of not taking her tomorrow. That’s what I would do atleast