Skipping it safe?

Covered all areas in my first reading…but now while reviewing I am terribly uncomfortable with certain topics ( such as market value of swaps, ICAPM, currency arbitrage in eco)… even mock scores in those areas have not been great…put in extra effort to drill these things in my head but doesnt happen!! I am thinking of just skipping these few areas instead of them demotivating me right now…

Anyone else has areas/LOS’s that they dont like and plan to skip…is it safe to do so?

Taking a big risk this way, but at this point, if you still have holes in smaller areas, you may have to skip them and pray they don’t hurt you

I wouldn’t skip key areas of the exam

Boy getting kinda late in the game for this. I wouldn’t skip any topic, that’s just a recipe for disaster. You have to figure that the CFAI makes 10% of the test on something so abstract that you’ll be lucky to get 20% right. You really have to nail the other 90%. Skipping any areas is playing with a loaded gun.

Thanks guys for your responses…

Its not that I am skipping them completely just that they kind of not getting in my brain…have given them like 3-4 readings…also, most of them are in derivaties, pm and econ…if its a simple question from these areas I manage, but something like market value of swap after x days at y% rate…bomb!!

Will probly give them another shot, but would want to cement the bigger important topics first!!

Spend the time. You’re only hurting yourself.

eh I wouldn’t skip the swaps part. I would just look at the formula for Swaps and nothing else. Take every component out and try to rationalize it. After 20 mins if you still don’t get it you atleast saw the formula long enough not to forget and score some easy points.

Apart from that. It is better to know a few things really well than to know all topics somewhat. If you are skipping better double down on your strengths.

someone from level III advised to learn swaps as they are in level III as well.

Put your head down for few hours and try to nail down swap. It is not as bad as it first appears to be.

The only thing thats safe is learning the topics.

I’ve stumbled on a few topics but found they’re all doable if you put the effort and time in. If you feel good about all your other areas I think its best to study you’re weak ones as opposed to skipping them completely.

I hate quant and understood it the least, but after spending a considerable amount of time on it I think I’ve almost got it down. Definatley took more readings on quant for me to get it then other subjects. You have a week left, I would give your weaker areas at least one more run-through before the exam.

I think the OP is simply talking about a particular part of a topic. If you get an item set on derivatives, i am sure there is only 1 max 2 on valuing a swap, the rest could be on arbitrage, hedge ration, true/false type etc…so i would suggest atleast hammering those in and hope your guesstimate is good! That’s my take.