Is Lee correct with respect to the employee stock purchase plans and performance-based awards introduced by Skylark? Employee stock purchase plan Performance-based awards A. Correct Correct B. Correct Incorrect C. Incorrect Correct D. Incorrect Incorrect is this answer A?

Did you want to give us some more details, or just assume we remember all the stupid company names in all the freakin samples & mocks?

it’s d - absolutely

really? Item Set: Skylark introduced an employee stock purchase plan (ESPP) for all employees and a performance-based plan for senior executives. Lee believes that the ESPP will affect earnings over the vesting period of the plan, but that for the performance-based plan the full effect will be recognized in the current year when it was granted. from CFAi: Both ESPPs and performance-based awards require recognition of a compensation cost recognized over the requisite service period.

I think I put B

I agree - B… anyone else? Bueller?

I put B… thought that performance based were expensed right away and service based were over the requisite period. I was apparently wrong (again)