Sleep hrs tonight?

What’s your number?

I’m aiming 6-8 hrs but the trader in me thinks its too much - revise more of weak areas - don’t know might do it, quite used to going into work at weird hours when something’s happening in japan and staying through till mid-US session. Probably shouldn’t.

What’s your number?

8, for sure. My boyfriend though - he’s fully functional on 4 hours of sleep a night. If only I could be more like him! Think about how much more I could accomplish in a day! (Lucky for us, he’s not in finance so he’s not getting extra hours of study.)

Hoping for 8-10. I rarely sleep properly before exams, will probably net 3-4…

For L1 I slept 2 hrs ( I decided I need to change the information on my admission ticket that night, stupid, I know) but I scored >70 on everything so I’m not much worried about tonight. Probably I’ll try for 6 hrs.

Last year I didn’t get a wink of sleep the night before, and it hurt my cognitive performance a lot.

This time I’m going to exhaust myself in the gym, and hopefully that will work. After a good erg session I always sleep like a baby

I went to bed at 10 yestday thinking I’d wake up ~ 4am to study - what in fact happened was I was just on my bed with lights off, thinking of pensions accounting and which FX rate to apply if, I was looking at Shell’s balance sheet, Coca Cola, etc etc…

Can’t wait for 6PM tomorrow

10 or so.

I think I’ll hit the gym now.

no more than 5

Aiming for 8 hours minimum (and hoping the kids don’t wake up too early).

aiming for 7 hours fixed in the bed with the hope of getting net of 6 hours sleep

At least 9.

At least 9.

Well I got 8 last night which I think was key. No telling how tonight will go, shooting for 8 again though. My L1 sleep was restless, might have gotten around 6 hours but a bunch of wake ups and tossing and turning in between. Hoping tonight will go smoother.

I’ll be watching my favourite Louis CK standup performance after dinner (laugh therapy is underrated) and then straight to bed, hoping for at least 8 hrs. Probably won’t happen as I’ll be just too worried about possibly sleeping through.

Will be happy with anything more than 6, especially considering I got 0 hours of sleep before my level I exam last year…

My plan is to take a larazopan so I can sleep from 10-6am then I am going to wake up and go for a 30 minute run to get the juices flowing. I did this last year and felt incredible going into the exam (end result not so incredible). The first time I took level 1 I could not sleep, I ended up writing the exam on 1.5 hours sleep and a case of red bull, didn’t pass. I’ve now learned I need something to help me sleep before the night of the exam, never had a problem sleeping before in my whole life until that night before level 1.

Last night,

After trying to get to bed early and engage a 6Am wake up routine for Dday, I was slowly falling asleep when… I hear a strange big noise at the other side of my room (big room), a shuffling scratching crushing long strange sound… I am sleeping alone, WTF was it? I had plugs in my ear, total dark in the room…

It has been some years I didn’t felt like this, spent until 4 O’clock scared by the possible presence of some stupid b*tch snacky witch…

Still don’t know and don’t care what was the sound, still havn’t seen and believe in any of the ring BWP or other BS of the sort, but still couldn’t close my eyes…

Tonight, same try, only hope this could be mother teresa with answers…

Sleep? I’m studying through the night and going to bed after the exam.

You know I just realized this morning that tomorrow actually is the anniversary of Dday. I bet those guys were nervous the night of June 5. Thinking of that event helps put things into perspective. Just a stupid test so sleep easy…