Sleeper/ Dark Horse Material

For chumps like me who have been focusing on CFA practice exams/ Schweser practice exams, can anyone think of stuff that is not covered in any of these that’s prime testing material? I submit life cycle & wealth effects on portfolio management. V2 pg 209:215

Life Cycle (Age v.s Wealth, Wealth Effect usually dominates).

i think most of the actaual testable stufl has been mostly coverd in b/w CFAI & schweser . However there always is the possibility that CFAI may throw in 1 or 2 Q’s( n they normally do ) that are based on some vague tiny fact in the curriculum .

wealth planning alternatives cadbury report 2-bond hedge pension and WACC

hezagenius Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > wealth planning alternatives Can you elaborate on what this means a bit? Thx

CFA_Halifax Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > hezagenius Wrote: > -------------------------------------------------- > ----- > > wealth planning alternatives > > > Can you elaborate on what this means a bit? Thx Exactly. Reading 18. It has to do with how you can manage your wealth in a tax efficient manner. I can almost guarantee something from this reading shows up in the individual IPS question.

CRT, CLT GRAT, DGT and all other BS. main ways to avoid tax 1) defer taxes 2) purchaes tax exempt investments (i might be wrong on this one)

^Deferr and minimize…purchase tax-exempt investment would be a way to minimize tax

get assets into the hands of the lowest tax rate, assumed to live the longest person

are you sure of the first clause cfa_halifax? schweser says nothing about why you put it in the hands of the babies of the family?

well, it was mentioned somewhwere, perhaps the vids, that it is ideal to move assets to the lowest tax rate, which makes sense right??

NCREIF Smoothed Vs Unsmoothed NAREIT Hedged vs Unhedged

jamespucyk Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > NCREIF Smoothed Vs Unsmoothed > NAREIT Hedged vs Unhedged Beauty… now refresh my memory again and explain each of these to me please! :slight_smile:

i know the smooth and unsmoothed for dir r/e whats with the hedged and unhedged for the reits?

what does the cadbury report say?

better yet anyone actually read the cadbury report?

in Hedged NAREIT, equity component is removed, it has lower expected return, lower standard deviation, and lower Sharpe ratio than regular NAREIT (unhedged) but it is a better representation of the underlying real estate market

Cadbury Report Summary: - Terms greater than 3 years for board of directors should be voted on by shareholders - Mandatory retirement ages - Majority of the board members independent - Separate audit committee with ability to hire outside legal counsel at expense of the firm - Audit committee with at least 3 independent board members??? I think that’s a few of the points.