Sleeping Schedule

Currently on holiday in between jobs, partying day and night and my sleep schedule has gotten TOTALLY out of whack ! Sleeping at 3-4 am and up at 11 am or so. Tried to get things back on track today but only managed to shut down all the alarms and hit the sack again. Have to start at a new place in Jan. Any tips to get things back on track (rise at 7am and hit the sack at 11pm) ? Any of you use pills or energy drinks or whatever ? Don’t want to be a zombie my first week at work. I need serious advice.

Here’s what I do to get back on track: Party at 3, wake up at 8 at the latest. 9 if I am are very delicate. Painful, wasted day, but the important part is to power through. Do a lot of mindless tasks, drink a ton of water (metric preferably), then get to the gym. Do cardio, lift, whatever. Then sauna - sweat out the devil. Usually when I do that, I’m good to snooze by 8 or 9, up at 5 to 6. Rinse and repeat. It usually takes me about 3 days to get back on schedule.

if its really bad: pull an all nighter, then go to bed at 8pm next day, works all the time or if its manageable: wake up an hour earlier each day for 4 days ie 11 then 10, 9 ,8 , 7 ,6