Sloths wtf?

Where on earth did you stumble upon an article from 2010? This is disgusting though, really hacksaw. I figured a sloth would be dining at Peter Lugar or something

Sloths Invade Charleston … Slowly

I’m glad I finished my lunch before reading the article.

What on earth were you googling to find this?

Please say “searching”. Google gets enough free advertising. You know they’re taking over the World…

Yes, and only trading at 30x earnings! Have to fight myself not to take a more concentrated position than I currently have of it in my portfolio…

This is his favorite animal.

Their bowel movements are quite interesting. Look it up. The process, not the result.

I would never look at the sloths the same way again.

No one else stumbles upon six year old articles of sloths eating poo during an inspired fapping session? Just Ohai and me? Ok.

I would like to formally cancel my subscription to sloth facts, keep the change.

If interested…

You would do well not to anger the Google.

I searched for “are there any secret horrifying things about sloths, like do they eat human shit?” Don’t tell me everyone here has not pondered this exact question.

I’d assumed it was “lazy dump bitches” that you’d askjeeved


Ohai likes sloths, as proved here.