"small" readings

there are really a few of them so annoying: goals-based investing, pension liabilities to assets, relative value for bond, hedging mortgage securities, commodity swaps, etc. what is the chance of them being appear on the exam? I imaging it would be a small question out of a 6 set. Some are really tricky if you want to drill down to the bottom, i.e. commodity swap – I only remember 1 bloody thing as price will change with interest rate + commodity price. You only have limited brain cells and so many stuff. Can you share how did you tackle them?

My take: Low-Basis Stock… important, particularly LOS 17(d) Goals-Based Investing… less important Relative Value Methodologies … absolutely must-read the entire chapter Allocating Shareholder Capital to Pensions… would understand relationships in LOS 22© Dreaming with BRICS… don’t bother Hedging MBS… understand LOS 31(a); probably wouldn’t ask an entire item set on this International Equity Benchmarks… important, particularly LOS 34© Emerging Markets Finance… must-read entire chapter Swaps, Commodity Forwards/Futures… must read & do all the EOC’s; they could easily ask us for calculations (swap rate, cash-and-carry arb, etc.)

I agree, relative value, commodity and international equity are definitely critical. problem is I read quite a few times but didn’t suck in a lot. Feels understand all, but still fail on questions.

Is Emerging Mkts Finance in vol 3 (pg 384 onward)?