Small Talk

Never was a fan of “small talk” and now there is proof that small talk “does not build relationships and its not great for our happiness levels”.

so get to the point, amiright6?

i loathe small talk and people who feel the need to engage in it. shut the fuck up and live with your own thoughts for a minute out of your life. What’s that you say? Nothing going on in the pea brain of yours? please consider killing yourself before engaging in small talk with me. i’m not your mental crutch.

What is your opinion on foreplay? Is it a useful warm up, or unnecessary obstacle in the way of business?

there is no business to be done without warm up. unless you are on spring break in a 3rd world country with lax laws

I can’t stand that awkward moment when it switches from small talk to business. Probably because there is no smooth segue from talking about the weather or sports to putting your business hat on.

Hacksaw answer. purealpha would say, no foreplay, and raw with no lube.

That’s the only way Alphie’s victim would feel anything…


Totally agree. And it always defaults to some douchey sports throwaway lines like, “Oh, you’re from (insert city here)? So are you a fan of the (insert city’s football/baseball team here)?” It’s like, no buddy, please stfu…

Fortunately not all societies are into this bizarre “small talk” thing, it’s unnatural…at least when applied to strangers. Why would the grocery store cashier ask the customer about their day or their dinner? Just shut up and do your task. enlightened

I like SmallTalk, but again, it was before my time so never got to really develop on it. I heard it was the true precursor of Java

I have to say, I’m thoroughly thoroughly shocked that guys that stuck around on a finance exam forum after passing don’t like small talk/human interaction.

I suppose you’re either natural at it and just do it without thinking or you suck at it, over analyse all human interaction and then decide you hate it because you’re so intelligent and never wanted to do it in the 1st place anyway.

In real life, do you just wander up to people, slap down a newspaper/magazine in front of them with an article you find interesting, don’t say a word and then just walk off?

Victim? I meant the other way around.

I dunno what level of game you guys are pulling of but im open to learn how some of you dudes get the girl back to your place without the necessary smalltalk.

But then how do you engage with somebody you are meeting for the first time or somebody you may not know very well? I think sports or trying to find some common ground is important at first. Small talk can lead to bigger talk and human connection. Are you guys so smart and important that you don’t want to talk to new people or only those above you who you deem worthy?

^^I knew a guy in 1st year uni who spent most of the year trying to bed a girl with a “chat up line” that only involved him pointing at her, then pointing at himself and then pointing at the door… it didn’t work.

He’d clearly seen American pie at 15 years old or something and had modelled his personality on Stifler.

If any store cashier ever talks to me I would hit her in the face. I’m a big deal around here.

I’ve done this before and it’s worked.

i separate small talk from getting to know people. to me small talk is discussion of completely inconsequential topics for the sole purpose of filling silence. so if i’m meeting someone and asking them questions to get to know them, i don’t consider that small talk.

Ruhipnol does the small talk for me.