Smarshy Out -

Well, I’m signing off boys and girls. I’m going to review a bit tomorrow, but mostly relax my brain and get it ready for the major workout I’m going to give it on Saturday. It’s been an pleasure studying with all of you. If I name names, I’ll undoubtedly leave someone out. But I think you know who you are. I wish all of you the very best. You’ve worked hard, and I think a large number of us will make it through to Level III. I hope I’m in that group. Thank you all for your help over the last few months. Rip it on Saturday, and have a great (safe) time Sat night. I’ll check back in on Sunday when AF re-opens. Best wishes -

peace. tear it up.

All the Best! … see you at L3

good luck man. see you at level 3…

GL see you on the other side.

Kill it Smarshy. Talk with you afterwards.


tell your wife I say what up…

3_letters, I told her “what up” and she responded “not 3_letters d!ck”…not sure what that means…

well played my man, good luck dude.

You’re gonna kill this mofo. Just let it rip.

All the best!!

3_letters Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > well played my man, good luck dude. You too man. Tear it up.