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Enough is enough. I am done with the iPhone. This 4s is just one big headache. I’m NOT drinking the APPLE Juice and don’t care to stick with the brand. So I’m going to bite the bullet, break my ATT contract, and move on to prepaid. The next question is what SmartPhone should I get? Android sounds good, but what kind? Given I travel as much as I do, I want a top end phone to handle calls, texts, emails, web surfing, GPS, camera, and so forth. Let’s hear some suggestions!

CNET recommendation:

Why don’t you like iPhone?

iTunes and I don’t get along, it’s freezing up, it randomly shuts off, and it’s just so proprietary that it’s annoying. I want to get a prepaid phone and I’d have to jump through a ton of hoops to unlock the iPhone. So I’ll dump it and get something thats more user friendly.

IPhones are shit, I agree.

Check out the Samsung Galaxy S3. This is widely regarded as the premier Android phone these days (in Australia at least). I have the S2 model and am very happy with it. Allows you complete control of your phone and no iTunes bullshit to deal with.

If I was to buy a phone today though, I would be buying a Samsung Galaxy Note 2. This is a slightly bigger phone (a very small tablet). It fits perfectly well into any pocket but has the benefit of giving you more screen space. I mainly use my phone as internet browser these days so it fits my needs better.

the new note is suppose to be good.

I love my s3… the thing is amazing

and Google’s new “siri” is absolutely amazing… I can’t believe it’s not more widely advertised.

I dont even know what it’s called. I call it Google’s siri

The iPhone4 which I own is a defective product. The call may drop if I grip the bottom left corner while speaking. Apple told me to get a bumper (at my cost) to fix the problem. I don’t like bumbers so I stuck a clear tape over the area to fix the problem. How did this get past their QC? They were so focused on the gimmicks they forgot that the main purpose of a phone is to make calls.

Technology wise, I notice that Apple is beginning to lag behind. The other problem with Apple is that I feel like an insect stuck in a spiderweb - I want to break out but I’m trapped in their iOS ecosystem.

I keep hearing “stuck in Apple ecosystem”…

High switching costs eh? :slight_smile:

galaxy s3

htc onex

i dumped my iphone for a Galaxy S3… it takes some getting used to but is 10x better. Im having a little trouble with the battery after the jelly bean update.

Also, for anyone else that has this phone, turn off the setting thta has S-Voice listening for voice commands constantly, this really helped my battery… the stupid mic is on all day waiting for you to say “hello galaxy”, or whatever the vioce command is.

Also dumped my iMac for a dell this week too

For all you Samsung Galaxy S3 owners, please do everyone a favor and turn off or change that whistling sound for message notifications.

I have a new ipod touch which is basically an iphone 5 that can’t make calls. It is f*cking awesome. That being said I use an Android phone and go prepaid unlimited minutes and texts and 2gb data for 55 a month all in. And it is Verizon’s network. Can’t beat it.

To an apple fanboy: iPhone + apple allure >> Samsung Galaxy/any other cell phone in existance

To a rational human being: Samsung Galaxy >> iphone

You can always tell who the lunatics are:

  1. they enjoy buying apple logo stickers and sticking them everything. I’ve seen them on PC monitors to violin cases

  2. you’ll hear them say “i want to get a apple computer bec it’s so cool”. even though they will only use it for web browsing and occasional microsoft office.

endless list…

I like Apple products because I find them better organized. I like to compare it to researching in a well organized library versus a badly organized one. You can still do it, but the badly organized library is always throwing in an extra complication or two (driver not compatible, must install plug-in, search for files is abominable, etc.).

Admittedly, I haven’t used the more recent versions of windows, so perhaps they’ve fixed it up, but after years of giving chances, I’d have to see more.

The other thing is that I have a lot of software that works on Mac and I don’t want to have to go and repurchase it all in order to work on Windows. So there are change costs that keep me in. But it’s also true that I’m not so dissatisfied that I’d be looking to change.

As far as higher cost. It’s true that if my goal is to have email access and websurf at the lowest cost possible, then some kind of Windows contraption is the thing that will get me there the cheapest.

However, given that I spend many many hours a day on the thing - day in and day out - I think it’s worth paying more for a machine that I enjoy using and facilitates my workstyle. And that’s not even including the fact that the levelized cost (cost/useful life) actually isn’t that much different between the two, because the Mac tends to have a longer useful life than the cheap versions of PCs.

But I don’t go putting Apple stickers on things, and I don’t try to convince other people that they should own a Mac. I simply point out that I prefer to use them myself.

Get the ObamaPhone.


So I called AT&T to explain my dissatisfaction with the monthly plan cost and how I’m stuck in a contract which was leading me to pay the termination fee and go to AT&T Go Phone Prepaid Plans (or the like). The rep explained rather than that, she could give me free texting knocking 20 clams off my montly bill. I now pay 69.99 instead of 89.99. So I’ll stick with it for now, but likely move on to something cheaper when my contract is up.

For those of you on AT&T, call up and do likewise. You’ll get a break on your bill.

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Do you have one of the free battery saving apps? Makes a night and day difference.

Also, anyone with an Android phone should have anti-virus. Try out Avast! along with their Anti-Theft app. It’s 100% free and I can remote control my phone via text or internet. I can turn on sirens alerting people to the stolen phone, lock it, enable tracking, display messages on the screen, wipe data, turn on/off whatever apps, log in/out whatever, etc. If someone puts their SIM Card in my phone, Avast lets me know their phone number.