Smartphone decline

Quality article regarding peaking smartphone sales. Even if NYMag is Fake News!

great article, great share, great guy up top!

With companies like LG and Samsung now giving away free 50 inch TVs with their smartphones, that is not a good sign for the industry.

The article mentions smart watches, and they think these are always going to be niche devices. Watches are also less profitable, and don’t indicate greater penetration for mobile services, since people who have smart watches almost always have smart phones already. The saturation point of smart watches is also probably much lower than smart phones, as smart watches are less essential to consumers.

At the end of the day if smartphones were getting better people would still buy them more often. These days the improvements in technology are things like better facial recognition locks and such which doesn’t really persuade people to drop 1K to buy the next phone. Most people only buy them if the battery is getting really bad or if their phone just stops working.

Waterproof allows me to watch porn in the shower.

wireless charging fixed the battery charging problem I always get.

I always decline smartphones.

Waterproof phones are awesome if you decide to pay tributes to the pron stars Nerdy.

Man, who made the graphs in this article?

Couldn’t take 5 minutes to make them look even slightly more professional?

Yes, yes. The article (that I guess no one actually read) mentions that improvements in new phone generations have become less obvious as time goes by. Phone makers, and most notably Apple, have failed to innovate in ways that propel the industry forward.

I wonder what the next Boom is gonna be.

Perhaps for the next whatever years we are stuck with little innovation on the hardware side of things and have to stick to producing content and software.

hopefully its a fitness boom. this thick is in shit is getting disgusting

If we look at PCs or some other product, you could argue that little innovation has happened for decades. The computers have just gotten faster, nicer, and more compact. The major industry shifts have just had to do with form - desktop to laptop, or ultrabook types like Macbook Air. Smartphones are reaching this maturation point, and I have a hard time thinking of what could be more convenient. Maybe some kind of VR will be the norm in the future, but no one has made a system yet that the average user would like to use. Google Glass has shown that these systems can be more trouble than convenient. Otherwise, maybe we’ll just put AI in everything, and your house and car will talk to you as if they are people, and this will also cause a lot of AI fetishes to emerge. After the human pups, I think I’m prepared for anything.

A lot of kids in this thread not realizing how impactful smartphones were. Used to be you would have to read shampoo ingredients on the can, but now with smartphones you can take a picture of the shampoo container and read them anytime, anywhere.

i fact check liars

I could high end fashion companies / designers offering luxury phones. It’s really one of the only consumer goods without a premium model.

Lol! The good ol’ days…