Smoking and Working Out

I started smoking lucky strike at 22,when the girl I loved at the time rejected me.I used to fight professionally at the time,as you get older you see the effects of smoking in your workouts,these days I have reduced it to 1 smoke a day,but on the days I dont smoke I think I am much better on the cardio side of things.Anybody simillar ?I know greenie smoked but he never worked out or fought professionally

Smoke what?


smoking = paying lots of money to kill yourself.

damn gabe i didn’t expect the workout guru to hack up the lungs

@Itera-Where I live the tax on cigarettes is pretty low,so you dont have to pay much to kill yourself.


Remember that I spent five years in the Marine Corps.

And yes–if you don’t smoke even for just a few hours before your workout, you can tell a noticeable difference.

The same is true with drinking. On our Monday morning workout sessions, I could always tell who had been drinking the weekend prior.

Word, G!!!

I used to smoke while I was boxing and also when I was running ultra marathons. I quit eventually a few years ago when I just got tired of it and it started makinig me feel lousy. I never felt it made a major impact, although I’m sure there was some impact. All told, I’m glad to be done.

Big big difference.

Used to smoke out a pack or may be even two for about 10 years… I started running (read walking) and realised I could hardly run 100 metres or so… Quit smoking, was still able to walk a mile at around 11:30 minutes and that too complete only couple of miles like that.

After a year now, I can move myself continuously at 9:00 minutes a mile for upto 10 miles. I have been able to increase the distance I can run/walk/jog, but still not able to push myself under 8:40 minutes per mile. Repenting why I smoked so much for so long. Good thing is, I have quit it for over an year now!

Itera - is 100% right. Smoking is pay heavily to kill ourselves!

@Greenie-I have never been in any army so I am just speaking from what I have seen in the movies,but in the army you HAVE to work out,in boxing or other fighting sports you always have the option to quit,by the way were there any obese people in the marines ?




Now now…sometimes


Sopraj, smoking a pack or two a day will make a big difference. But that’s not really what we’re talking about. Also, the fact that you apparently sat on your ass and didn’t do anything probably played at least as big a role.

Neither have I. I was in the Marine Corps.

And no–there are no obese people in the Marine Corps. They have fitness standards, which include height/weight requirements. EG - I’m 6’ 2", so my max weight was 208. And I had to be able to run three miles in less than 28 minutes.

I probably smoke 10-15 cigs a day but have played multiple sports and/or trained for 20+ years (I am 28 now), so have always been active.

Truthfully, I am relatively fit and never struggle with runs etc, last half marathon was 1:40. However, you do realise when you see genuinely fit people how much of an impact it makes.

Although I will say that a 20 a day smoker who is geuinely athletic can still outperform. I can still out run many non-smokers who claim to be ‘active’.

Some of the greatest rugby players of all time were heavy smokers.

This is how I felt when I was running ultras, although I only smoked like 4-8 a day. Point is that within reason smoking will not stop you from being athletic, but there’s no doubt that if you’re operating at a highly competitive level where margins are razor thin, it’ll have a visible impact.


Has it occured to you that in one thread you’re asking about the impact smoking has on your life and that in another you’re asking about why your father is being selfish and not adjusting his eating and exercise habits to your demands? Maybe it feels equally aweful to him to watch his son smoke (even if he does)?

Maybe a little lead by example and just focusing on spending more time with your dad can eventually do the trick as he may find himself doing more activity and eating more healthy by default via proximity.

max weight was 208 regardless of muscle mass? seems silly.

and 3 miles in under 28 minutes isnt exactly moving very fast…

@BlackSwan- I agree,the thing is I have never smoked in front of him nor have I ever smelled of cigarettes or actually shown any proof of smoking.I smoke 1 cig after lunch and 1 after breakfast,both at work.I use enough cologne to cover the smell.I have actually started t to set a good example in our house regardinh fitness.

@Greenman-I stand corrected,but I used to think the fitness standard is higher.If the running test is without gear or extra weights then I assume its not a particularly hard task for a well trained athlete to accomplish considering I run around 5KM every day under 30 min.But I think the higher standards are set for seals or Delta