Smooth writing pen?

i’ve using plain vanilla BIC’s or whatever i get randomly in this computer age. assuming that pen qualities have dramatically improved compared to the ones that i am using, which pen do you suggest? can’t remember last time i actually bought a pen. so i’m ready to make a 10-20 dollar investment in pens for this exam, if i correctly calculating the historical inflation on pens. a smooth writing fine pen which wouldn’t leave ink marks on the other side of the page. or even better something that would write on the page if i write in air one inch above. or even better a pen that i can put down on the page and it would translate my thoughts into words. no electrodes. techies… help please.

Sorry I can’t help I’m suffering from anchoring and using the bics.

Nimbus 2000

i strained my hand last week trying to write down everything … in an effort to make my handwriting legible. I look like a prizefighter with all the bandages :slight_smile: translating thoughts into words will be gr8. but right now i’ll settle for anything thats gentle on the hand

I intend to switch back and forth between pencil and pen. We’ve established here that pencil is allowed.

only walking in with pencils

cfacfacfa Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > only walking in with pencils you have ball$

I’m going to hit up Mont Blanc and buy myself a nice precision pen that will make the ugliest of handwritings look like a masterpiece.