smuggling fried chicken

cravings for his deep-fried deliciousness have become so widespread that an entrepreneur has begun smuggling KFC to customers in the Gaza Strip using secret underground tunnels. According to the New York Times, Khalil Efrangi, 31, runs a small shop in Gaza called Yamama that will deliver a 12-piece bucket of KFC for $27, about twice what it costs across the border in Egypt, where the food is prepared. Now Efrangi employs two taxi drivers, several smugglers and a fleet of motorbikes that stand ready to fetch fried chicken, fries, coleslaw and apple pies. And although the food is long past its prime, “It’s delicious even as it’s not hot,” Aboud Fares, 22

Fried Chicken Diplomacy. Share chicken, not war.


They should get some Popeyes up in there. They won’t touch KFC after that.

Sounds like a South Park episode.

I think the US should ban KFC, and this would create a market for Mexican drug cartels to smuggle delicious fried chicken across the border. This would crowd out drug trafficking as the fried chicken trade becomes more lucrative.

Wait what does this mean? There is a black community living in the Gaza strip craving KFC or light skinned people like fried chicken too?

Or… just legalize it totally, regulate it like alcohol, charge a super high tax rate on it.

Triple WIN. big taxes raised, violence eliminated, happier population

Wow, it really really does.