Snacks while studying

Any recommendations for good munchies during study time?

Fried chicken

Eating during studying is a way to gain a lot of weight. You start studying and 30 mins in, the entire box of crackers/bag of chips/can of mixed nuts/bucket of fried chicken/whatever is gone :frowning:

I’d recommend something healthy, celery, fruit… something like that.

anything that wouldn’t make your fingers dirty!

i find it very unproductive if you eat something greasy and you can’t turn the page and then you have to go wash your hands, etc… not very time efficient.

i eat japanese crackers, and dried fruits, and a lot of different types of coffee drinks or juices… i take the opportunity to try junk food that i wouldn’t normally buy!



No snacks, no music, no nonsense. You’re not fully focused when you start thinking about these distractions.

I can’t concentrate when i am hungry or if i am too low in blood sugar.

i think i just need an excuse to move around a bit from the fatigue of studying.

Hungry? Grab a meal and take a break.

Can’t agree more

Black Coffee and EDM.

the place im studying in do not allow snacks