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This analyst, anyway, forecasts that the company will still lose $1.5 billion in 2019. With NDX sinking, will investors stop throwing money into second string tech startups and cause waves of bankruptcies among non-FANGs? Please discuss tanks.

What was the best tank design of WWII? This is highly subjective, but on balance the best tank was in fact the M4 Sherman because it’s the tank that best met the requirements of combat in World War 2; and was considered to be the best tank by three of the major combatants. It was an excellent and reliable pursuit and infantry support tank, both of which were its primary purpose. Many recent sources castigate it for supposedly poor anti-tank performance, but contrary to popular belief US Army Shermans in fact performed very well and based on the Ballistic Research Lab study in 1946 the US 3rd and 4th Armored Divisions in fact notched a 3.6-1 kill rate in its favor against the vaunted Panther tank. British tank designs were bad - see “Death by Design” written by Peter Beale - and they were essentially forced to turn to the Sherman to get a good tank. Even the Soviets apparently loved their Shermans. Walter Dunn’s “The Soviet Economy and the Red Army” notes that many of their Shermans went to Guards units and was considered to be equal to the Panther when equipped with the 76mm gun. Even the Germans used captured Shermans in Italy.

That said, from a record perspective the most successful tank design was in fact the Panzer III, particularly if you count the Stug variants. The Stugs out-killed all the German armored vehicles while at the same time providing much needed infantry support. Contrary to popular belief, Allied armies in fact very rarely used captured German equipment since stuff like Tigers and Panthers were too unreliable to use. The sole exception was the Panzer III, which the Soviets were so impressed with that they converted captured Mk IIIs into SU-76i assault guns; making the Mk III the only German tank to be converted by the Allies for their own use.

What tank had the most impact? Mk III, followed by the T-34, and followed by the Sherman. The year of introduction had a much greater bearing on a tank’s “impact” over its stats.

More tank facts please tanks.

New Zealand’s first tank (the Bob Semple tank) was built from a tractor, sheet metal and 6 machine guns. When ridiculed for the design Bob Semple said “I don’t see anyone else coming up with any better ideas.”

Bob Semple Tank on a parade on 10 March 1941.jpg

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