Sneaky Pete

Anyone watching this on Amazon? I’m 4 or 5 episodes in and am really enjoying it.

Just started this over the weekend and already on episode 5. Definitely the best antihero drama I’ve seen since Breaking Bad. Giovani Ribisi is the man, Cranston is a complete badass. I’m afraid of finishing the season too fast but need to find out what happens.

You won’t be disappointed.

I finished it last night! It was really good but not gripping drama where I was desperate to know what happened next. I give it a couple of seasons then it will run cold.

If you haven’t seen ‘Startup’ on Amazon yet, then watch that! I’m sure you’ll like it.

^ Agree that it’s not likely to have a long run, but season 1 was really enjoyable and I can see season 2 having a decent enough plot line to enjoyable as well. Not familiar with Startup, will have to check it out.

Premieres March 9.

Really great show… keep watching.