SNL Financial

Anyone heard of them? If so, your thoughts?

saturday night live financial?

We use them. I like it as a quick way to pull some detailed data on companies in my space, even those we don’t cover. Since I work on the fixed income side, we spend more time helping our flow desk manage their positions than do the equity guys. That means we end up taking a look at a lot of companies that we don’t actually cover, and half the time its on a BWIC due in a short period of time. That means there is no time to do real due diligence. SNL will let you pull up detailed profiles, so it helps get you in the ball park. Also, it has a decent amount of industry/market share data. It really depends on what type of data you are looking at. Any specific things you are looking for in it?

Not in particular, I was just more interested in other’s perception of it as a data provider. Thanks FIAnalyst