I’m really going to try to compete this season (boardercross).

I haven’t hit the slopes since 2011. I made nationals sometime around then. I hope I’m still good.

I don’t even live near the mountains anymore but think I can pull it off. Goal is to get into nationals again.

Nationals is a real pain in terms of scheduling. I’ll have to take a week vacation because there is a mandatory check in on day 1. Events are throughout the week for the different categories and heats. It’s a pretty dope group of people. Lots of stoners and hippies. Free gear throughout the week and parties every night. Event is at single location for 2 years then switches. 2017 was Copper Mountain, CO.

They’re still skiing and snowboarding on Mammoth Mountain (CA), on a 6-foot or deeper base.

That’s expected to continue for at least the next two weeks; maybe through mid-Summer.


thats sick

just checked the lift status, they still have a few blacks and double blacks open … not bad …