So about that first Democratic Debate tonight..

Did Sanders really think he was going to do himself good by saying no one cares about Hillary’s whole email thing? The competency, decision making, and keeping classifed info secure seems pretty important to me.

And Hillary jeez, the sheer cockiness of her answers is still astounding, she was practically laughing and grinning as she answered the email question (good job by Anderson who said yes the room is cheering and wants to blow the email situation off, but people do care…

Sanders: biggest threat to our national security is climate change. really dude?

Did people even watch this? Just punch the ticket for Hillary

No, nobody cares about the email issue other than Repiblicans. The average dude has zero interest in where Hillary keeps her email. If she gets indicted, then she’ll have trouble, but unfortunately for you, it hasn’t happened.

I watched most of it - BS is a man with a huge wish list which seems to be funded by penalizing wall street in all facets. Hilliary is a woman. Chaffee has decent ideas and a good track record but looks/sounds like a weasel so i would give him no chance. Webb isn’t the greatest public speaker but i supported some of his thoughts. Overall, i think the candidates on both sides are pretty pathetic. My boy scott walker is too crazy with his abortion/regligious ideas otherwise i would say he would have been the most credible leader.

I wanted to watch this but I missed it, how did Bernie do?

Does he have any sort of stage presence or does he just not have the feel of a president?

the gun debate was amusing and sanders looks like an awkward nerd stuck in the wrong place

Cooper did a good job moderating but I wish he would dive further into their policies. For example, when BS was asked about his plans to have free higher edu, expanded social security, and increase national health care he simply said he would “tax wall street speculation”. A simple follow up question of, can you define ws speculation?

I laughed at hillary’s comment about shadow banking being the next issue. Yah Hill? Did your economic advisors finally bring you up to speed on the past 5 years. How about the fed owning almost double the US debt as china?

Some where in this world Mitt is reclining in a chair thinking to himself how he was never elected.

bernie is too far left, no chance he’s going to make it. nice candid guy, but just way too out there, and I’m not sure he’s a democrat. He’s basically a socialist, education and healthcare should be free for all? yea good luck with that.

Those emails are serious business. Just ask Gen. Petraeus.

I agree Anderson Cooper did a nice job.

As for the candidates, they are all hideous. I would take any republican candidate over them. Theyre all awful.

Im the complete opposite Vandy. Thought these candidates wouldn’t try and push us into more wars and cause fights over their religious beliefs. Rebubs lost the ability to talk about fiscal responsibility when Bush slashed taxes and started up 2 wars, all they have now is pandering to Evangelicals on social issues.

Inter party debates are probably the worst thing ever as its just candidates pandering to their base, which makes everyone argue more extreme views.

OMG, did Hillary have a secret lover too??

Now THAT would be some interesting news! Maybe she had a free pass type thingy from Bill for his whole thing

Or maybe the Clintons are just swingers

well we already know Bill is one.

Bill has h3rpes.

Watched a bit on Youtube. No surprises here, Clinton is the only capable person for the job. You need good intentions, you need decades of relevant experience, you need to be a killer who can get shit done in real life, you need Americans to identify with you, and you need to not be offensive to the rest of the world. Nobody else can check the boxes, so Clinton, done.

Also, her plan on Wall Street was good, it’s not about some myopic plan for splitting up banks. That doesn’t address root cause. You need an industry wide harsh punishment system in place, and you need to put it into use consistently and frequently, to act as a deterrent.

Sanders is clueless on foreign policy. Actually of all candidates form both reps and dems i would trust Hilary only on foreign policy issues

Lack of interest in foreign policy is probably an asset. Especially considering the foolish foreign policy stances of his opponents. Maybe Presidents should be elected on their policy regarding their own country? Radical.

There’s always some candidate in US elections who is popular and doesn’t ahve foreign policy knowledge or experience. In general, it’s not a deal breaker at this stage nor should it be. This early into the election, there’s usually time for non-foreign policy buffs to get knowledgeable on foreign policy.

There’s no doubt that Hilary is qualified for the job (even if you don’t like her policy positions), and she did seem to do well in the debate.