So, China has illegal Eastern European models?

This is probably the most surprising/confusing article I read today.

“Russian and Eastern European models have especially tough times on the border, say visa specialists in China, because the guards suspect they may be prostitutes. The models generally have tourist visas and can’t admit they are working”

Why aren’t US illegal immigrants like these??


"And during one crossing, a border guard grilled him about what college he attended. “Harvard,” he answered. Is Harvard’s president male or female, he says the guard demanded to know.

The teacher says he guessed male but the border guard knew better. Drew Faust had become Harvard’s first female president. He explained he was thinking of the years he went to college, an answer that earned him entry back into China."

So either a significant number of illegal Chinese immigrants claim to have gone to Harvard, or Chinese border guards have inexplicable up-to-date general knowledge about US university presidents. Good for them! (the border guards)

absurd…china needs all the classy babes they can get…