So, Dennis Rodman just published a children's book

"Short description

Dennis was different. He had flash, and he had style, but when he was kidnapped from his home, and his family, and sent to perform in a rodeo, he found himself facing new and difficult challenges. With the help of his fellow performers, and a desire to be free, he found a way to use his individuality to win the day and get him home to his children."

Sounds like he is describing himself, only in the form of a cartoon bull. However, he neglects to mention that you can only act like Dennis Rodman if you are an NBA star. Anyone else would just be an asshole.

Do children still read books? I thought it was all multimedia these days.

Good question. What do parents do nowadays? Read iPad with the kids before bed time?

Is this a joke? Or is it like “Little T.O Learns to Share”?

Wow! There’s a whole slew of children’s book out there!

Family Huddle - by Peyton and Eli Manning

By My Brother’s Side - by Tiki Barber (I hear he’s still working on “Being Faithful to your Pregnant Wife” .)

Home Field Advantage - by Justin Tuck

You Can Do It! - by Tony Dungy

Yes, Hipster parents in their mid to late 30’s, early 40’s, read interactive sh-t to their kids at bedtime. It’s got graphics, sounds, and choose your own adventure type shizzit that rocks the kids spoiled world like shiiiiz.

I use an iPad for math ish, but still read books with them on bed now that still can catch their attention. Not sure for how long before they start making fun of their old man reading his “parchments”, as they’ll probably call them.

is this story a metaphor for rodman being kidnapped from the hood and put on display at the chicago bulls rodeo? but he dyed his hair different colors so everything was good?

this shit is too real… too real.

What next? Rajaratnam invited by the CFAI to contribute to the Ethics curriculum???

That’s the scariest looking children’s book cover I’ve seen