so for the final review ?!

i think Secret Sauce will be fine for Final review, but there alot of LOS is missing, i wish i could go back to the Notes, but really no time left for that. what are your strategy for the final review ?!

i’m probably gonna do the schweser readings for some of my weakest topics- private equity, pensions, int’l asset pricing, real estate, also read ethics again. the rest of my time will be spent between problem solving and secret sauce.

Just review my weak areas (FSA synthesis and earning quality mainly). Then it’s all Ethics on Friday until 2 PM and then relax until D-Day.

Have a read through the EOC summaries from the CFAI texts…some of them are good review…

Also pay attention to the tiny details, like return concepts in Equity (it’s full of tiny bones), futures in Derivatives (a lot of tiny bones), GDP in Econ (easily overlooked since it’s very thin but it’s pretty much all memorization), Earnings Quality in FSA (looks straight forward but a lot of data filtering to do), IPS in PM (easily overlooked), expected forward rate in Pure Expectation Theory in FI, etc.

For anyone (like me) who neglected physical fitness for the past month, I’ve found that working out for an hour the last two days has definitely helped with my stamina and staying focused - for anyone who’s given it up because they feel like they don’t have the time with only four days left, I’d say give working out another try - makes your studying more productive, IMHO, and more than makes up for the hour that you’re not studying.