SO for those of us who failed..Start in JAN or sooner?

I think the schweser notes come out in mid/end october. I dont know if it will be wise to start then or wait til Jan. thinking maybe go away for a week in christmas and come back refreshed and ready. Before I got the “fail” bitc*slapped across my face, i thought to myself if I failed, Jan would be too soon since the material hardly changed, BUT with a band of only 4, i better freakin start asap but just dont know if oct or jan. Honestly, if I had a band of 10, i think i would seriously not even start until March.

take a break. Its my opinion that starting now will not improve your overall score. Just don’t get complacent. Come January, you are ready to go. It will be tough at first, yet you are going to crush it this time. Do things differently. If you only used CFAI stuff last year, then incorporate Schweser. Yet, take time off. Clear your head. Work out. Say hello to your spouse or significant other. Stop kicking the cat. You will feel better.

Def sooner, i started in Jan and crammed big time for last 2 months

i had a band of 10 and I will start Jan 2nd… I f*ckin hate this test… gonna buy all new materials (schweser and CFAI) but will likely not rely on CFAI readings until after going through Schweser one or two times…

I will scan my last years notes periodically just to keep as much fairly fresh in my mind for now. Nothing serious at all. Just browse through them and hit some of the main topics. I will start reading some of the CFAI readings in November, mainly big items like IPS. It will be my goal to nail the IPS questions next year. I did not do well on them at all. Like when I failed level 2 I didn’t do near as many practice questions and exams as I wanted to. That the material is very little changed this year we should have ample time to hit all the CFAI problems, old actual exams, Schweser practice exams…blah blah blah. I’ve never started a fight in my life…but if you hit me first I’m going to hit you harder. You are going down next year CFA Level 3.

I have a very short memory so I tried to start as late as possible but I studied hard towards the end. So I guess, depends.

Saturday December 27th to Saturday January 3rd enjoy a 1 week vacation. Recoup and relax on sunday, and start Monday January 5th!

I will spend an entire month trying to nail IPS as soon as the books come in. I will also get Ethics (SS 1 & 2) out of the way. I will then take a break until mid-Feb. The stuff is still pretty fresh in my head anyway.

It would be helpful if you could browse now and then so that the material wont look entirely new when you start again in 2009.

3rd & Long Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > i had a band of 10 and I will start Jan 2nd… I > f*ckin hate this test… > > gonna buy all new materials (schweser and CFAI) > but will likely not rely on CFAI readings until > after going through Schweser one or two times… same here. I had a band of 10 as well and I also hate having to do this over again. I guess it’s better to know I was close with a band of 10 when studying for next year but right now, it sucks knowing I wasn’t too far away from passing and being done with this. I’m going to buy new materials too and start earlier than last year. Maybe in early Dec, then take a couple weeks off for the holidays and then get back into regular studying soon after the BCS games in early January.

As much as I’m eager to do something in the next few months, I’m not sure it’ll do any good. I will probably start in Jan. but I’m thinking I need to hit a couple areas I did poorly on before then. (i.e. econ, and IPS) By the way do we know in advance how much each topic is going to be worth in terms of points (this may be obvious to some). I skipped the 1st question thinking I’d come back to it at the end- didn’t have time, and consequently got no points because I left it blank.

10 band here. Starting in late Sept/Oct, go 2 nights a week or so and one day on weekend until after Super Bowl. All out war after that. I’m going to F this guy up this time…

will u all buy the new notes? or just use the 2008 ones instead?

wil try to start the textbooks in nov if can sumbit my thesis. trying coem up new plans and stick to it. but not so sure in Jan and Feb since I am moving back to my own country, a lot of adjustments there but thanks for all those who posted theri expereinces, and let us keep our chin up!

Hi guys, first time poster, but was lurking all year. This is going to be my third kick at the can for LIII and I am not happy. I am taking Sep off and then starting to review notes in October. Same curriculum, so reviewing all the notes I made will be a good way to get everything back in my head, and prepare to work problems.I for one am not taking anything for chance this year and would rather be over prepared instead of being worried about my results all summer. Guys in the same boat as me, let`s put this thing to rest this year once and for all.

When football season ends, CFA season begins. So early feb.

same study notes, Schweser is going to have a hard gig selling new notes to failues this yr after such a crap pass yr again and such little ciriculum changes, I’m sure they’ll try and spin stuff though to tell you it will be COMPLETLY different.

Hey guys- I probably haven’t posted since the day before the exam. I failed, I used CFA texts only…and will probably incorporate additional Schweser or Stalla notes next year. I will randomly look at my '08 materials in the fall to stay fresh…go on vacation in early January (1st 1 in 4 years)…then go back on my typical 2hrs a day until May.

i think for L3, the CFAI books are more important. The reason is this is less “quantitative” then L2. for instance, you don’t need the CFAI books to learn how to value equity. accounting can be learned strictly from notes without sacrificing depth. but L3 is very specific as to what CFA requires of you and I think reading the textbooks will come in handily as it is hard to get the same information elsewhere unless you look really hard. I read the CFAI books first, and found it quite good. I used schweser as a review tool. I never actually used it as a source of learning. after all, they’re “notes”, not real learning guides in my opinion. i wouldn’t recommend apporaching L3 the same way you approached L2 as they’re two very different types of exams.