So have you studied 250 hours?

Just curious to see how much time people are putting and how they are doing on the practice exams. I can’t say i’m killing myself, still go to the gym and take evenings off. However, I started studying in … march/april. Went through CFA books, then through schweser books 2-3 times, and did 3400 question plus 1.5 practice exams, scoring 74,76,84 and 81 average on Qbank. It seems that reading CFA books was a waste, as it was long time ago. Now I just want to take this thing and get it over with. So how much have you studied?

I’d probably put the minimum bar around 400hrs, I’m definitely buying supplementary study guides for the next levels though. It’d be great to have a summary of the LOS and 3400 questions to practice on. CFA books can get pretty dry and drawn out.

i have put in somewhere between 80 and 150 hours. have not counted. I Have read secret sauce several times, read a good % of the schweser notes from within the Qbank, done a bunch of Qbank questions, watched some Schweser videos, listened to audio tapes to and from work and done 3 sample tests so far. plenty of time left!

ive logged 250 hours and started in the begiinning of September, but it truly is the bare minimum I feel for this exam…

I’m probably in the 300 - 400 hour range. Started off reading the CFAI books but ditched them in September when I got a hold of some Stalla guides. I’ve been averaging about 70% on my practice exams. I wish I had one more month because I know I could get those scores up to 80.

you can get the scores up to 80 in the remaining time until the exam…

i got my CFAI package in mid september, started studying regularly in october with schweser books. i didn’t keep track of my study hours but i probably did not put in 250 hours. hence, me freaking out right now and doing poorly on practice exams. at this moment i am probably band 10, hopefully mad studying this week will help me slide through the pass mark. if not, oh well. life goes on.

I started in sept. Went over the Schweser material - didn’t bother with the actual CFA books. Just finished doing about 3,000 questions on Q-bank and have 1 week left to review my notes.

what’s band 10? i’ve seen several times and have no idea what it means

It’s a wonderful number. I failed in band 10 in June08 - simply means you failed in the top 10% of all those who failed. There’s still a few questions on that exam that haunt me that I should have known. I never came close to passing a mock or sample back then, so all those who are scoring 75 on mocks and still freaking out, I can assure you that the mocks were MUCH harder than the exam.

You guys are freaking out? Until Friday, I was barely halfway through Book 3 in Schweser. I spent my weekend photocopying the section summary pages for Books 3-5 and reading through those and now I’m finally on Alternative Investments. It should be an interesting week and I hope I can somehow get lucky and pass.

I started my studying extremely light around June, right after I graduated from college. I received all my books around April/May, so they were sitting around for a while. During the summer, I was averaging between 8-10 hours a week but really picked it up in September when my review course started. I’m sure I’m in the 300-400 range.

I’m north of 300 hours easily. I’ve done ~3500 Qbank questions in addition to all of the CFAI questions at the end of each reading. I’ve been pretty consistent with my scores, ~67-75% on the sample/mocks. My weak areas continue to be FSA and Quant. I got 90% on the last mock in ethics, so I’m going to be focused on FSA the next five days. Good luck to all.